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and what is the appropriate way to set a static ip. I am booting using
cramfs, and I need a static address but i've found that the only way to
do that is setting ip=<address> and
nfsroot=<serveraddress>:/<serverpath>. even though root is set to
cramfs. I don't need the nfsroot line b/c nfs isn't used, its just the
only way i've found to get the system not to attempt dhcp. when i remove
the nfsroot line and i just leave the ip line it still tries to boot via


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> I boot the board form flash using the root filesystem in hard disk.
And I
> unplug the network cable. In the course of the boot,
>   1 . Sending DHCP request, it will try two times and hold up several
minutes. How to skip the procedure.

You can skip the DHCP in the boot sequence, by setting the linux kernel
boot parameter "ip=off" in the u-boot bootargs.


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