UBOOT Compilation

Peter Wippich pewi at gw-instruments.de
Thu Mar 8 04:16:31 CST 2007

Hi Andrew,

you can not load u-boot directly through uart because the uart load goes 
to internal ram which simply isn't big enough. You need a second level 
boot loader which fits in internal ram and than loads u-boot to external 
ram. Rudy has provided such a beast here (check the archives, about last 

Further, you neeed to compile u-boot without low level initialization 
(already done by second level boot loader) and without relocation from 
flash to ram (it is alreday loded to ram....). You can do this in the 
config file (davinci.h) he following does the trick for me: 

/* for Ram load version do not do low level init and do not relocate */
/* #define CONFIG_SKIP_RELOCATE_UBOOT not needed, tested by boot code */ 

I use a newer version of u-boot here (1.1.6), but this should also work 
for the older version. When I find the time to clean up my code I'll send 
a patch for some actual u-boot for davinci here. Maybe within the next two 



On Thu, 8 Mar 2007, Andrew Armstrong wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> Have any of you managed to compile and get running U-BOOT via the source
> available on the Ti website? (u-boot-1.1.3_rel_00.05.04-tisb.tar.gz)
> As far as I am aware I have correctly configured and made the project
> (for default NOR), however the uboot.bin file generated, once uploaded
> via dvserialboot, appears just the brick the EVM. 
> I have compared the file to the old supplied .bin files and they are of
> similar size and structure.
> Any ideas?
> Regards,
> Andrew
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