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Those flashwriter utilities are NOT Catalog DSP supported products.  So
we need to know which company you are working for, and who is your local
TI FAE. This software has to be release through the FAE for support
reasons.  The DVFlasher is catalog software, and can easily be
customized to use on custom designs for flashing any CFI-compliant NOR
flash with the U-boot bootloader, which can then itself be used to flash
the kernel or filesystem images.  Since we support this software, I
would recommend it, but of course you'll only be able to use it if you
can access the UART pins on your custom board.


Sorry we couldn't be of more direct assistance.





Daniel J. Allred

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Hi Daniel,

I downloaded dvflasher 1.11 but couldn't find the source code and
instructions to generate flashwriter_nor.out.  I want to use CCS to
debug flashwriter_nor.out for our custom Davinci with our 32MB Spansion
NOR flash.  flashwriter_nor.out was included as part of I downloaded from the DVEVM update site.  It seems
like dvflasher 1.11 posted on TI's site only has UART boot related code
and it deals with UBL.  Where can I find the equivalent code that
generated the flashwriter_nor.out included in



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