Where did the TI supplied kernel come from?

Maughan, Thomas tm at ti.com
Tue Mar 27 10:48:12 CST 2007

This kernel distributed with the EVM DM6446 Demonstration Version of
MontaVista Linux is a MontaVista Linux 2.6.10 kernel - this is the same
kernel that you would get when paying for the licensed MontaVista Linux
by purchasing the DVSDK from TI.   

What you get for the license is the updates (bug fixes and new features)
that are posted on the MontaVista Zone.

The kernel on the open source git tree hosted by MontaVista is the linux
2.6.latest based on kernel.org.    The real time patches by Ingo Molnar
are available in open source but you would own applying them and working
through the integration.

The open source tree was posted by MontaVista to jumpstart the open
source development, the tree is as good as the community that supports
it.   Feel free to step up and contribute as I'm sure others would
benefit getting the NAND support.

If you are comfortable working with the bleeding edge and adding
features as you need them, then the open source tree may be a good

If you want a stable, robust, supported linux product then paying for a
DVSDK would be recommended.

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Hi All

We have the kernel supplied on the TI website. This kernel is based on

I am trying to understand how this kernel was created. I presume that it
is standard 2.6.10 with Montavista patches applied. Did TI apply further
changes to support the EVM ?

The reason I'm asking ...

We really need to get the real time patches which have been applied to
the main line since 2.6.10. The current kernel has them built in I

I've downloaded the git tree from
git://source.mvista.com/git/linux-davinci-2.6.git. This is  version

It looks like some of the Davinci related files are absent from the git
tree. For example, drivers/mtd/nand/nand_davinci.c is missing. Is this a
deliberate change or must more patches be applied for it to be
equivalent to the TI supplied 2.6.10?


Paul Jackson, Red Embedded Design
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